Mt. Fuji Toll Road Fuji Subaru Line.Sightseeing from Lake Kawaguchiko to Mt. Fuji 5th Station.Private Vehicle Restriction Info.

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Mt. Fuji Toll Road Fuji Subaru Line Toll Fare


Toll Fare Table

     ※Toll fare has been revised from October 1, 2019
Vehicle Classification Whole Line (to and from) Part (to and from)
Ordinary Vehicles Standard-sized Vehicle
Compact Vehicle
Combination Vehicle Towed by Minicar
2,100yen 640yen
Medium-sized Vehicles Microbus (riding capacity of 11 to 29 people, gross weight under 8t)
Standard-sized Cargo Vehicle (gross weight under 8t, maximum load capacity under 5t)
Combination Vehicle Towed by Minicar or Ordinary Vehicle
3,460yen 740yen
Large-sized Vehicles Route Bus (riding capacity of 30 people and over, or gross weight under 8t)
Bus (riding capacity of 29 people and under, gross weight 8t and over, length under 9 m)
Standard Truck (gross weight under 25t, 4 axles)
  (gross weight 8t and over, or maximum load capacity under 5t and over and 3 axles and under)
Combination Vehicle Towed by Ordinary Car, Medium-sized Car, Large-sized Car (2 axles)
4,780yen 940yen
Extra-large Vehicles Bus (riding capacity of 30 people and over, or gross weight 8t and over)
Standard Truck (4 axles and over)
Large-sized Special Motor Vehicle
8,040yen 1,560yen
Minicar and Ohers Minicar
Bike (125.1 cc and over)
Small-sized special motor vehicle
1,680yen 420yen
Light Vehicles and Ohers Bicycle
Motorized bicycle (125 cc and under)
200yen 60yen

* One-way fare is one-half of round-trip fare.

If you drive carrying a bicycle in the vehicle and only ride a bicycle one way (up or down), round-trip fare is charged.

Vehicle classification has been changed.
  Regarding the bus classification, refer to the gross weight in addition to riding capacity.
     Riding capacity of 20 people, gross weight 9t, length 9 meters: Extra large-sized vehicle
     Riding capacity of 28 people, gross weight 7t, length 8 meters: Medium-sized vehicle

* If the road is partly open to Ichigomeshita Parking (below the 1st Station), part of the toll is charged.
 If the road is open to Osawa Parking (the 4th Station) or the 5th Station, the full toll is charged.

* Discount for persons with disabilities is available. Those who are eligible, please show the certificate issued through designated procedures.
 However, the discount applies when persons with physical disabilities drive a private car registered under one’s own name for themselves, or caregivers drive a private car registered under one’s own name with persons with severe physical disabilities or with persons with severe intellectual disabilities. (Business use cars and rental cars are excluded.)
 Please keep in mind that busses on which persons carrying the disability certificate are excluded.

* You cannot pay toll fare using Highway Cards, ETC, and tickets issued by travel agencies.