Mt. Fuji Toll Road Fuji Subaru Line.Sightseeing from Lake Kawaguchiko to Mt. Fuji 5th Station.Private Vehicle Restriction Info.

Overview of the Fuji Subaru Line
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About Mt. Fuji Toll Road

Construction started September 19, 1961
Service started April 1, 1964

Mt. Fuji Toll Road Altitude and Distance

Location Altitude (Address) Distance from starting point of Mt. Fuji Toll Road Parking space
Starting point (start) 857 m (Fujikawaguchiko Town)  
Tainai 1,046 m (Fujikawaguchiko Town) 0 km  
Mt. Fuji Toll Gate 1,088 m (Fujikawaguchiko Town) 0.6 km  
Kenmarubi Parking
Ichigomeshita (below the 1st Station) Parking
1.291 m (Fujiyoshida City) 3.5 km 60 parking spaces
The 1st Station 1.405 m (Fuji Yoshida City) 5.7 km  
The 2nd Station 1,596 m (Narusawa Village) 9.1 km  
Jukaidai Parking 1,663 m (Narusawa Village) 10.6 km 40 parking spaces
The 3rd Station 1,756 m (Narusawa Village) 12.9 km  
Osawa Parking 2,020 m (Narusawa Village) 17.2 km 54 parking spaces
+ 14 bus parking spaces
The 4th Station 2,045 m (Narusawa Village) 17.9 km  
Okuniwa Parking 2,227 m (Narusawa Village) 21.6 km 36 parking spaces
+ 15 bus parking
(Mt. Fuji 5th Station)
2,305 m (Narusawa Village) 24.1 km 824 parking spaces +92 bus parking spaces including parking areas along the line from Okuniwa